Mak at 100 Leadership

The Central Organising Committee is tasked to coordinate and provide strategic direction to all planning and execution of the Centennial Celebrations.

This Committee is supported by different sub-committees, which provide additional support in planning, and execution of the various events and activities associated with Makerere At 100.

The membership of the Central Organising Committee of different members nominated by Council, that include, Council members, Staff and Management, the students Guild, Alumni, Government Departments, and other stakeholders.

Members of the Central Organising Committee, and other sub-committees can be viewed below.

Central Organising Committee​

This is the main Committee that is charged with the organisation of the activities during the one year of celebration. The membership of the committee is drawn from Council, Management, the Guild, Alumni, Government Departments and the Community.

Ass. Prof. Umar Kakumba

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic Affairs)

Dr. Justine Namaalwa

Coordinator- MCF Scholars' Programme & CAES Rep

Prof. Christopher Garimoi Orach

Chair, Community Health and Behavioral Sciences

Don Wanyama

Chief Executive Officer, Vision Group

Sub-Committee 1:
Budgeting and Strategic Liaison

This committee is in charge of the budgeting and strategic liaison for the entire centennial celebrations.

Sub-Committee 2:
History, Culture, Documentation & Future

This committee is in charge of the all history, culture, and documentation aspects of the celebrations.

Assoc. Prof. George Kyeyune

Prof. of Sculpture and History of African Art at CEDAT

Mr. Abby Mukiibi

Ugandan multi-award winning actor, comedian, director producer and radio personality, recognized for theatre plays, film, television and radio

Sub-Committee 3:

This committee handles scheduling, events, and programs.

Sub-Committee 4:
Marketing, Branding & Communications

This committee handles all marketing, branding & communications related aspects of the centennial celebrations.