A Celebration with the Parliament of Uganda:

Event Details

The Centenary celebrations with the Parliament of Uganda, will be a two-day event planned to honour the contributions of the Parliament of Uganda to Makerere University in its 100 years of existence.

The first day will be a curtain raiser to mobilize awareness amongst the members of Parliament on Makerere’s 100 years’ celebration and extend invitation to each member to join the celebrations. On the second day, is a proposed special seating of Parliament, to honour the contribution of Parliament in the establishment of Makerere.

Parliament of Uganda has been at the center of resource allocation to Makerere University and other Government entities.

The occasion also provides opportunity for the appreciation of Makerere University, for maintaining itself as a center of excellence in training and nurturing significant number of human capital that has impacted the different sectors of Uganda’s economy, the region and the world. Makerere University has over the years produced 95% of members of Parliament. The event therefore provides an opportunity to extend the centenary celebrations to the vast Alumni population that currently exists in Parliament and across the country.

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