Alumni Event – University of London

Event Details

A Celebration with the University of London & in Appreciation of the Contributions to Makerere University:

Similarly, like the events in Nairobi and Dar-es-Salam, University of London maintains a strong, historical relationship with Makerere University. When Makerere became a University College under the University of East Africa arrangement, University of London was the center of Administration for Makerere including awarding degrees and other qualifications.

The first 6 decades of Makerere’s journey, were under the administration of the University of London.

As we celebrate100 years of Makerere’s journey, revisiting some of these fundamental phases that contributed to what we are today, can not be ignored.

The event with the University of London, is to appreciate this unique contribution that the University of London has made over the 100 years of partnership. The commemoration with the University of London will also focus on creating new avenues for the two institutions to renew future collaborative avenues for research and innovation engagements.